Comevoi Publishing, takes part in the creative phase and of the editorial layout of products and accompanies the client at every stage of the productive cycle.

  • The possibility to make use of a network made up of the best writers, journalists, photographers and art-directors in Italy and abroad, allows us to offer our clients products with a high standard of form and content.
  • Design and production of house-organ - magazines - brochures, catalogues, balances - books and monographs - calendars and diaries
  • Copy Editor - ghostwriter
  • Printing, (the added value is to make use of a competitive network of competitive printers, with the aim of optimizing costs)
  • Distribution (newsagent's and bookshops - management of subscriptions)

Increasingly companies have the need to support their own brand in terms of positioning and perception by their public.

In order to meet this need Comevoihas developed an effective method of emotional exploitation of the brand or product using different communication initiatives.

In particular the following:

  • Individuation and valorization of the brand contents to offer to the media as a motivating force for communication;
  • Creation of targeted synergistic events with the strategic communication path;
  • Selection and conception of sponsorship programs directed to valorize key brand messages;
  • Individuation of fields for co-brand activities that fit the placement of products;
  • Individualization of co-marketing initiatives.

To do this Comevoi makes use of the best professional experts, that specialize in this field, able to put to the client's service operational advice and organization of the 'brand communication' projects.

The area brand also organizes all the logistics implementations of the events, taking care personally of the planning stage, realization and budgeting.

Other services include:

  • Events directed for the launch or promotion of a product - communication in shopping centers, Brand Communication;
  • Exhibition stalls, preparations directed for institutional communication or product. Comevoitakes care of the advice and the planning of promotional events and the launch of products or services. The individuation of the most appropriate dynamics and themes that fit best with the respective market allowing the realization of projects, unique in their kind;
  • Marketing consultation for shopping centers. Comevoioffers marketing and communication consultation to important business enterprises. It creates strategic marketing plans and communication and entertainment programs effectively sustaining the local and central management (also through stage management);
  • Market research for brand placement;
  • Packaging conception;
  • Communicate the change.

Comevoi Design is yet another area that Comevoiis specialized in, with a team of experts and consultants in the visual communication and design field and in particular in the following:

  • Brand and Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Profile, institutional brochure
  • Visual identity manual
  • Annual and financial report
  • Marketing tools and sales support
  • Tools and projects for the Social Responsibility of the Company.

    - Social report

    - Development of projects tied to environmental sustainability
  • Website and Interactive Multimedia
  • Advertising
  • Stands and 3D designs for events and exhibitions
  • mbience design tailored to the corporate identity to furnish offices and areas accessible to the public.

Comevoi Labsis astructure where communication specialists, journalists and bloggers work in close contact to study innovative communication plansthrough the integration of the development of informative systems that join the efficiency of the work carried out with proportioned and modular investment costs.

d) This area focuses on the new digital media that is changing the rules of communication. The monologue gives room to dialogue and the companies must participate in the conversation to catch their public's attention. Not by chanceon the net we have assisted in the formation of communities that collaborate on a scale never seen before, a huge basin of potential consumers, with values and rules of ' relationship' that must be kept to if you want to talk with them. With regards to this, training courses are available for staff.

In more detail the areas of synergistic activity of Comevoi Labs are:

  • Design and production of 2.0 Web sites - optimization of web sites, portals, e-commerce, intranet with warehouse organization, internal newsletters and external communication, both institutional and product
  • Creation of company intranet with correlated services
  • Online Advertising
  • Blogs (CEO blogs, corporate blogs, event blogs, theme blogs, special targets blogs etc.) - Web multimedia ( social blog placement .. commercial advertising) - Blogger PR
  • Viralcommunication
  • Digital internalcommunication
  • Production of audiovisuals acquisition of resources and technology for the production of audiovisual supports with a high level of emotional content

Comevoi Media and relation. The media relations are the heart of the activity of Comevoialso taking into consideration a situation that is rapidly evolving thanks to digital revolution. Comevoioffers planning tools and efficiency control of a media relation campaign. Our expert staff are able to plan the organization of the press office considering the market referred to by the company. We have in fact developed well established methodsrelated to the measuring of results. According to the needs of the organization, we are able to offer different modular tools.

Our services include:

  • Corporate media relations
  • Media relation di prodotto
  • Vertical media relations in the ICT, finance, lifestyle, tourism and food and heath sectors
  • CEO reputation
  • Media Monitoring

    a. A group of staff, dedicate themselves , full time, to the monitoring of the most important Italian and foreign journalistic headlines - almost 200 including daily , weekly, periodical and specialized newspapers - offering services for press releases, monitoring of news agencies, studies on press back issues and specific dossiers also referring to the client's competitors.

    b. Media monitoring services:

    i. "customized" press releases (also in reference to product analysis)
    ii. Monitoring of news agencies.
    iii.TV and radio monitoring
    iv. Studies of press back issues
    v. Monitoring of specialized press to check competitors actions

Every company faces complex problems that can turn into damaging situations for the company's reputation and business. Furthermore the public opinion is gradually changing its perception of risk factors and of their acceptability. This forces companies to have a precautionary , structured and global approach towards crisis management.

In this area Comevoi has matured a well established experience both in the implementation of precautionary plans and in the company crisis management , including, training, emergency plans that put together capacity and effectiveness in facing situations of company crisis.

Comevoi crisis management in synergy with its professional duties of public affairs, develops specific programs to prevent, face and manage in the best way possible the crisis through:

  • Crisis preparedness: planning: to prepare the company and the management to anticipate and respond in an efficient way to emergencies.
  • Crisis management: to defend the company in the case of a situation of crisis.
  • Crisisrecovery: to rebuild or strengthen the reputation of the company through post-crisis communication plans.

In specific the activities of Comevoicrisis management cover the following areas:


  • Identification of areas of potential crisis
  • Preparation of action plans and procedures
  • Management training
  • Production of standard material to use
  • Preparation of action plans for the different crisis hypothesis
  • Definition of communication strategies for crisis prevention
  • Monitoring activity in situations of possible crisis


  • Strategic analysis of the situation of crisis
  • Definition of alternative plans and evaluation
  • Mapping of contacts
  • Creation and organization of a crisis committee
  • Definition of procedures and responsibilities
  • Preparation of a communication plan in state of crisis, in coordination with the top management
  • Constant monitoring
  • Operational support for management
  • Implementation of communication actions on the media and the aimed public
  • Reactive organization for the communication of crisis
  • Implementation of communication programs after a crisis
  • Legal implications of the work in progress

Our services are personalized to meet the client's needs:

  • Vulnerability analysis ( identification of potential areas of crisis, elaboration of scenarios and strategies)
  • Emergency planning (action and response tools and procedures)
  • Constitution of crisis committee
  • Crisis manual
  • Crisis simulation exercise
  • Spokesperson training
  • Front-end training
  • Alliance formation
  • Media and institutional monitoring
  • Rapid response monitoring

Issue Management

There are situations , that if not dealt with , can influence the behavior and decisions of the consumers or the makers, damaging the reputation or the growth of the company. Comevoi supports clients in steering the discussion towards controversial themes , at any level.

Our services include:

  • Research and investigations
  • Message development
  • Alliance formation
  • Mobilization
  • Advocacy advertising

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ComeVoi, nata nel 2011, è un'agenzia di comunicazione composta da un gruppo di soci che vantano esperienza decennale nel campo dell'editoria e della comunicazione.

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